Lucianne M.

Puente Hills, CA
“Words cannot express our thanks or gratitude for all Active Hospice Care, Inc. did for our mother. The accommodations they made for her immediate family and friends were exceptional in the last 2 months of her life.”

David J.

Glendale, CA
“Our family was very grateful to have your team with us during this incredibly difficult time. The hospice team stayed and did the things we were unwilling to do. To have your team with her gave her comfort and helped us emotionally. Thank you for helping us navigate through this sad and difficult time.”

L.D. Stephenson

Encino, CA
“We had explored few possible options but were ultimately referred to Active Hospice Care where our aunt’s care improved once your team got involved. Everything I thought she needed was provided. You have my respect and admiration for the work you’ve provided.”

Janet A.

Glendale, CA
“Each staff member was so kind, compassionate, respectful, competent and efficient, responsive. I can’t say enough along them all! Certain staff went beyond what their duties required, and gave my brother extra kindness and support from their own motivation – such fine human beings. Thank you all with all my heart..”

Gemma R.

Valley Village, CA
“I wanted to commend the hospice workers and the nurses whose compassion was nothing short of remarkable. It is rare to find this level of professionalism and caring in the healthcare industry today.”

Maria L.

Irvine, CA
“Thank you for all the care, both medical and emotional, that you provided our family during these difficult times. We would like to take a minute to thank the staff for staying on top of the situation and quick responses to our countless questions. Thank you for the gentle and thorough care you gave our father and the rest of our family.”